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Improvement By Design...


The goal of this website is not to teach you everything I know about shooting accurately. I am open to ideas and plan to put some of my research into the pages of this website. I hope that this project helps me improve my skills and I hope that it is a positive influence for others as well. I hope that I learn from others; I hope we can learn from each other.

My Passion...


I love shooting rifles. I try to shoot my rifles with accuracy in mind. I am currently a member of three ranges. Two of the three do NOT hold precision type events. One does; that experience helped me decide to start this project.

Organizing Resources...


One of our goals is to search for and organize third party data in a way that will help our users improve your shooting skills. .

Third Party Resources


Paper Targets that Challenge the Shooter

If others find my work useful in their quest to improve their shooting skills then I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. To create interesting targets for shooting ranges, businesses and individuals. I want to develop targets that make shooting fun yet challenging for different skill levels.

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Untapped Resources...

Data Collection

I see a lot of information out on the web. Some seems like good information and some maybe not so good. I think we have a huge untapped resource out there. I hope that shooters that have achieved a certain level of precision and accuracy will be willing to share what they have learned throughout the years. I have attached data surveys to our challenge targets. I want to dig in to the data and present data visualizations based on that data. I am hoping the data will begin to turn on light bulbs for others.

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More Than a Website...


This web project includes our Facebook Page and Facebook Group and YouTube Channel. All of which are put together by Chris Smith - Techno-Visions Software.

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