Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ruger Precision Rifle - Making it Work (Part 3)

The Support System

When I first purchased my new rifle I didn't own a front rest. I remember thinking that I would never own a front rest. I did know the importance of a good support system but I thought a front rest would make things a little too easy. In the Marine Corps we used sandbags, slings and body position techniques to help us build strong support systems.

The Bipod

A black military looking rifle needs a Bipod attached to it; right? I chose a Harris type pod. For my rear bag I used a sock filled with some used corn cob media.

I did shoot some good groups with this combination.


The Ruger Precision Rifle doesn't come with a accuracy guarantee. The name implies that it will be a shooter. The website showed small groups by people at long distance. Post after post on the forum's suggest it will be a shooter.

I had what I thought was a pretty good load...

My logs from 9/17/2017 tell me that I was shooting Sierra Match King 142 #1742. My Powder was H4350 at 41.4 grains. My cartridge overall length was 2.81" and at 100 yards I grouped 4 shots at .178 moa and 5 shots at .922 moa.

I took my rifle to 300 yards with that load and came back with a 5 shot group measuring 1.006moa and .876moa.

A couple of days later I shot steel from 75 to 500 yards. It was pretty easy to hit all of the targets except for the 12" by 12" 500 yard target.

I'm thinking; why is that target being so elusive? The target isn't small. My Remington 700P in .308 was hitting it every time.

I ended up put the rifle away. I left the range that day; disappointed.

Now what?

Time to think this through.

To be continued...

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