Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ruger Precision Rifle - Making it Work (Part 2)

The Reloading Starts

For me; a big part of the fun doesn't even happen at the range.  When a person decides that they want to hand load their ammo they do it for various reasons.  For me it started with the belief that it would cost less to reload and I should be able to make more accurate rounds when I reload my own ammo.

Experience is Priceless

I had a friend that was into reloading when I first started shooting again and he helped me get started with the process.  To this day we still bounce ideas off of each other.


A person can find a lot of information on the internet.  You can find a lot of good information in manuals.  I think it is good to be open to new ideas.


When I first started reloading for my bolt action rifles I used full body sizing dies.  I then switched to neck sizing only.  I began experiencing hard bolt closures after a few reloads which got me thinking.  

Currently I run my brass through a body sizing die that doesn't touch the case neck.  I then run the brass though a neck sizing die.  

My point is...
As a hand loader you have to work out a strategy that makes sense to you.  Some times your strategy changes.  

The Rifle

My Ruger frustrates me; I really haven't found a load that works for me yet.  Maybe it is the rifle.  Maybe it is me.  Maybe it is a combination of both but I'm still in the process of "Making it Work".  

The Journey Begins 

To be continued...

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