Friday, March 9, 2018

Modifying the Bald Eagle Rest - Windage Adjustment

Note: The instructions on this page are for the right hand shooter


The Bald Eagle Rest is an affordable option for those that want to start competing in Bench or F-Class Open type shooting.  If we have people that are competing that like the rest then it is probably a good choice for people that don't compete but want to try shrinking their groups with a good front rest.

I purchased the Bald Eagle Rest with the Windage adjustment option.  When I turned the Windage adjustment knob I noticed that movements were not consistent.  After modifying my rest I was very happy with the results.  The operation was smooth and precise in either direction.  If you are not happy with your Windage cable operation give this inexpensive modification a try.

The Stud; the Key To Success 

Go to your local auto parts store and purchase a manifold stud that is 2 ½ inches long and 5/16 inches in diameter. The stud should have coarse threads on one side and fine threads on the other (5/16-18 and 5/16-24).

The Cable

1. Twist the Windage adjuster knob counterclockwise to remove the cable assembly from the tray.

2. With a 5/64" Allen wrench loosen the small hex bolt located on the Windage adjuster knob.

3. Turn the Windage adjuster knob counterclockwise to remove it from the cable.

4. Remove the rear leg height adjuster.

5. Loosen the nut that locks the Windage adjustment knob support bracket to the leg of the unit with a 12mm wrench.

6. Turn the cable assembly counterclockwise to remove the cable from the rear leg.

7. Install the rear leg height adjuster.

Removing the Upper Tray Assembly

1. With a 12mm wrench remove the nut that locks the rifle stop in place and remove the stop assembly.

2. Remove both bag support brackets and also remove your bag using a  5/32" Allen wrench.

Note: There are 2 springs that are under slight pressure that could fly out of the unit; use caution when removing the plates.

3. With a 5/32" Allen wrench remove the 2 bolts that hold the front and rear plates to the upper tray assembly.

4. Carefully remove the upper tray and springs.
5. Clean the grease from all surfaces.

Switch out the Upper Tray Hardware

Note: To retain the front rifle stop you need to switch the tray hardware to the other side of the tray.

1. With the 5/32" Allen wrench remove the 12 bolts and two plates; transfer them to the other side of the upper tray.

2. Set the upper tray onto the lower tray; verify that rifle stop threads are facing to the front of the rest and the four spring indents are on the right side (Look at the unit from the rear).

3. Raise the tray and apply grease where the two plates make contact with each other.

Install the Upper Assembly

1. Move the upper tray all the way to the left; when looking at the unit from the rear, 
2. With the upper tray slightly raised; slide the two springs into the 4 indents and lower the plate.

3. Position the two hold down plates; tighten the 2 bolts that secure each plate to the Bald Eagle rest with a 5/32" Allen wrench.

4. Install the front rifle stop.
5. Install the 2 bag support brackets and attach your bag.

Prepare The Stud

  1. Screw the manifold stud that you purchased into the Windage adjustment knob. 

  1. Tighten the hex bolt on the knob with a 5/64" Allen wrench.

  1. Screw the other end of the manifold stud into the Bald Eagle Rest Windage adjustment threads. 

  1. Check the knob and Windage tray operation for smooth movement.


  1. The most difficult part of this modification was finding a 5/16 x 2 1/2 double ended manifold stud. Other than that, a very nice improvement to an excellent rest. 8-)

  2. I'm a southpaw so I assume I just remove the cable and replace it with the stud? No having to take the unit apart since I want the knob on the right side.

  3. DORMAN's Part Number is 675094 You can find on Rock Auto but, its $9 each 10 in package = $90 plus ship.
    I found at O' Reiiey's for $2 and can only buy one.
    NAPA and Auto Zone did not have.