Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Making Progress

Putting the Pieces Together

The starter website is now active.

Our website contains

  • A Blog
    • When you subscribe to changes you get updates in your email inbox
  • A Website Store that contains our base targets
    • The Store is table driven with search and filtering capabilities
  • A Data Visualization page 

    I am also very happy to announce that today I created a new Facebook Page and related Group designed to support this website project.

    The Social piece is a huge part of this project.  

    Social will allow users to upload target photos. 

    • Photos of the targets they shot
    • Photos of Rifles they used 
    • Photos of people using their rifles
    • Videos of their shooting experiences

    Social gives us the power to have online discussions.  

    Communication is key...

    • We can motivate each other 
    • We can learn from each other

    Together we can grow

    The new Facebook Page
    The new Facebook Group


    Chris Smith

    Techno Visions Software

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